The Hiding Place

We are delighted to be hosting another visit from : 

Oddments Theatre Company

with their production of

The Hiding Place

Friday 27th October 7:30 pm at Backwell W.I. Hall

Tickets available here

or phone Jeff on 01934 842170. Email

The incredible story of the Ten Boom's, a devoted Christian family who felt they couldn't just watch the devastating circumstances of the Jews so they acted and set out on an incredible rescue mission. This lead to Corrie and her sister being imprisoned in the Second World War.

The production focuses on God's influence on Corrie's life and how God gave her the strength and means to do his work in terrible circumstances. It is the story of God's love and hope in an environment of darkness and brutality. 

Audience Reviews

"The Hiding Place was brilliant, a very moving and heartfelt performance."

"What a powerful performance showing how God's love can overcome hatred and evil - it's an inspiration to us all."

"An extraordinary evening; a strong story well told - stage set is wonderful."